Greenhouse Domes


Do you want to grow year round? Our geodesic domes create the most efficient and smart growing space naturally by design! The double wall polycarbonate captures and diffuses light which is great for plants and seedlings. The spherical design also provides the dome with natural air circulation that requires significantly less energy to heat compared to a standard square structure.

With a geodesic greenhouse dome, you won't have to worry about extreme weather conditions like hail, storms and wind! We build smart domes so you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and more all year round.


Geodesic dome at Mid Shooks Run Community Garden

Geodesic dome at Mid Shooks Run Community Garden

Dome Creations LLC. partners with Pikes Peak Urban Gardens to provide educational opportunities to the greater community. We built a 16 foot domes at the Mid Shooks Run Community Garden to serve as an educational tool for schools and gardeners. Interested in having a geodesic dome at your organization? Contact us today!



Our customers have used geodesic domes to fulfill their recreational needs. From sauna to hot tub enclosures, our domes create a relaxing atmosphere to help you unwind from your busy life. These domes also have great acoustics and ambiance to meet your every need and desire! Visit our gallery for more inspiration.